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1   Subtitle Translator

Google Translate api doesn’t support free translations now. So, this subtitle translator uses mygengo and able to translate subtitles using terminal and a mygengo free account to translate subtitles in various supported Langauges. Supported file format is srt in UTF-8 Format. This application is written in Python and script translate_subs is installed in your main shell.

1.1   Pre-requisites

  1. mygengo No need to installed as it is installed automatically as dependencies. However, incase of troubles install mygengo manually
  2. Python 2.6.* or above
  3. mygengo api registration

1.2   Obtain/Download

git clone git://

Download Python Package

1.3   Install

python install

1.4   Install Keys

  1. Register at mygengo and installing mygengo python api.
  2. Generate public_key and private_key.
  3. Make a dir in your home directory like this mkdir ~/mygengo_keys
  4. Copy and Paste and save in the files ~/mygengo_keys/public_key.txt and ~/mygengo_keys/private_key.txt, respectively.
  5. Save the above text files in home directory. Note# Do echo $HOME to find out location of your home directory.

1.5   Usage

Script translate_subs is installed and is called directly.

1. translate_subs -i -f english -t japanese
2. translate_subs -i -f en -t ja
3. translate_subs -i -f Eng -t Jap
>>> Output --> Translated file saved to

1.6   Supported Languages

sv        Swedish
id        Indonesian
pt        Portuguese (Europe)
es-la     Spanish (Latin America)
ko        Korean
ar        Arabic
fr-ca     French (Canada)
nl        Dutch
en        English
ja        Japanese
es        Spanish (Spain)
zh        Chinese (Simplified)
de        German
fr        French
ru        Russian
it        Italian
pt-br     Portuguese (Brazil)

Note# Supported Languages are from English to Target language and vice versa

1.7   Charset file must be utf-8 encoded. To convert to utf-8 see man iconv

1.8   Help

translate_subs -h

1.9   Contact

  1. Home
  2. github
  3. pulkit[at]
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